3 Hobbies to Couple with Knitting

3 Hobbies to Couple with Knitting

hobbiesRemember when your mom taught you about ow too much of sweets is bad for you? Apparently, it’s not only the sweets. To be completely honest, what I tend to notice is that the older we are, the more we must focus on maintaining a balanced life.

Yes, even knitting.

When we knit, we tend to sit still for a long period of time. That’s bad for the spine, your back, your legs, your arteries, your heart.

So, to balance out this hobby, for two weeks I tried a variety of different activities. I will be talking about that in the future in more detail, but today I just wanted to give you a quick rundown.


It’s winter and I can’t even get myself to run in summer mornings. But, I remembered how I used to love visiting the pool as a kind. So, every couple of days I’ve been going to the pool.

Play short games

30 minutes of exercise Keep in mind, the damage of long sitting is not reversed by 30 minutes of exercise in the end of the day. You need regular breaks.

The problem is it is very hard to force yourself to get up from your comfortable chair. So, it must be something you like. If you smoke (not suggesting you should), you already do rather regular breaks.

I don’t, so I started playing live casino online for 5 minutes. To make sure I get up, I only play on my phone. I don’t rush to make every bet but simply walk around and see how other play with an occasional bet myself.

Make lunch complicated

Make lunch complicatedI loved bringing something for lunch that I could eat straight out of the box. But I noticed that this way I, almost all the time, end up in my chair in the next 3-4 minutes. If I know that I’ll be knitting or writing in the evening, I make sure I walk as much as I can for my lunch.

Like make everything from scratch if I’m at home, or at least walk for 20 minutes to get a bagel.

In any case, find what you like. It’s crucial if you want to keep knitting 5 or 10 years from now. Remember, prevention is easier than treatment.

Why teach a child needlework?

Why teach a child needlework?

The desire to learn new types of needlework is exacerbated by mothers, usually during pregnancy and parental leave. This occupation not only distracts from the diapers, but also allows you to do something beautiful with your own hands. It plays a very different role in the life of small masters and craftsmen.

Arguments in the use of manual labor

The benefits of manual labor for fine motor skills and general development are written in tons of articles and volumes of scientific works. In addition, needlework is creativity, it is much more interesting than finger exercises, drawing sun and modeling kulichikov. How and with what to begin the upbringing of the future Mary-mistress and Danila-master?



Its importance is evidenced by the fact that the centers of the brain responsible for speech, attention, coordination of movements and imagination – that is, for key abilities – are closely related to the fingers and their nerve endings.



Accurate, fine and delicate hand work develops attention, organizes and disciplines thinking; those kids who love hard work, the speech is clear, accurate.


The choice of material, the selection of colors, the creation of a harmonious composition awaken the creative principle inherent in all children.


Employment of crafts and needlework educate patience, perseverance and will.



When you teach a child some kind of needlework or craft, it enriches your relationship: you are now not just a parent and child, but also a mentor and student. This will bring you closer, of course, provided that you do not force events, trying to teach the child everything and immediately.


Teaching the basics of traditional crafts introduces the child to the history, broadens his horizons and strengthens the connection of generations.


Involvement in manual labor at an early age is a way to take a child with something really interesting and useful (instead of, for example, meaningless TV shows).


Manual labor develops spatial imagination. No wonder a lot of mathematical ideas are drawn from crafts, such as knitting, cross stitching, embroidery with ribbons.


Things made by themselves can be a wonderful gift to friends and family. The child will bring a lot of positive emotions.

How to teach crafts

Age of skill.

Practice shows that it is possible to begin the training of crafts and needlework from two to three years, gradually moving to more complex methods. For example, to learn how to knit crochet

Cover image for Serving Visual-Spatial Learners
Cover image for Serving Visual-Spatial Learners

(large and using thick yarn), simple chains can be already in two years, to four or five the child is already able to knit small items himself. In three or four years, the baby can fully master the simple embroidery (large plastic needles on the cardboard), the basics of weaving (starting with paper strips and complicating to macrame) and wet felting.

Background of the issue.

To arouse interest in crafts, go deep into history. For example, tell your daughter or son that from the age of four girls in Russia were taught to weave; that in the East only men were allowed to engage in gold embroidery, and the art of macrame was born from the innocent entertainment of sailors on ships.

Duration of classes.

It is important to remember that small children (2-4 years old) can concentrate on something for not more than 15-20 minutes, after which the attention of the baby should be switched on so that the occupation is not boring and certainly did not cause disgust. Prepare yourself for the fact that most of the work will have to be done by you, the child will be on the pick up. Over time, trust your child for more complex operations.

Use of blanks.

On sale there are special kits for children’s creativity, They usually include everything necessary for this type of needlework. For example, there are sets for embroidery with a cross and a smooth surface, for creating postcards, for weaving foil and paper ropes, and a fleecemaster.

children’s creativity

Moral support.

The first steps in the new business are difficult. The task of parents is to interest and attract crumbs. Show maximum patience and friendliness, More humor in class. And certainly – praise and encouragement!

From simple to complex.

Pass to complex tricks only after the child learns the basics of craft.

Safety precautions.

We know it is tempting to go and play casino games when you get more info here but do not leave the child alone surrounded by needles, needles, scissors and other sharp objects. The child should be clear, say that the tools are not toys, they can be dangerous. All classes should be conducted in a specially designated, well-lit place. All materials after the session are important to clean – so you at the same time accustom the child to accuracy. And fun and gambling can come after. For adults only, of course.

Personal example.

If the mother knits, weaves or rolls out of the wool, she can show the child the things she created. Seeing such beauty, the kid will want to repeat for his mother.

Types of needlework


The initial idea of ​​this craft is sculpted from plasticine or clay. And you can learn ceramics from 3 years on. Little do not rush to buy a potter’s wheel. For the first experiments, get a special kit, which includes gypsum powder for casting products (figurines, magnets, panels, plates), paints for painting and brush. Classes of ceramics are taught to interact with the volume and plastic material, harmoniously use in one product expressive possibilities of form, line and color. And the acquired skills can be used in other crafts, for example, in the manufacture of soap or candles.



Learn to crochet better from thick woolen threads (the hook should be twice as thick as the thread). The simplest product is a chain that can be used as a belt for your favorite doll, making appliqués and patterns out of it. A set of loops on knitting needles for children is more difficult to master than tying loops.

Therefore, it is easier for an adult to begin work. Tell the child a fairy tale about bird birds, which bopno, when they are squeezed. And the strings must breathe, then they will be obedient and will play with pleasure in magic patterns.

And imagine how much the positive impact will have on your baby, then that you are together, for example, tie a tablecloth or piss together the children’s mattress into a crib, etc. There are a lot of possibilities for joint creativity.


Since the beads are very shallow (and it is dangerous to play with small objects for children under three years of age), beadwork is considered unsuitable for babies, but you can start with simple – stringing large beads on a thick string or line (always in the presence of adults!) After three years you can use beads with a diameter of 5 mm.

In order not to strain the children’s eyes, it is important to arrange breaks in work and teach the child gymnastics for the eyes.

Top 5 reasons to teach your boyfriend/husband to knit

Top 5 reasons to teach your boyfriend/husband to knit

I have been knitting for years. Personally, I find it a lot as a getaway from everyday problems of our busy, modern-day lives. Recently, I asked my husband to join me. You may be laughing, as my husband did, but I managed to convince him to give it a try.


Here’s my top reasons:


  1. Stress relief

Stress is gender-neutral. Men have an innate instinct to always calculate how can they make sure the safety of their families. Look, they not be protecting families from tigers (in most places) but the job is stressful. I find knitting as good for stress relief  as meditation or fidget spinners.

  1. More quality time together

Don’t we all complain we don’t get enough time with our loved ones? Knitting is a great hobby to fix that. As you probably known already, when you get used to it, the process becomes automatic while you can chat away as much as you desire.

  1. Break stereotypes

    Russell Crowe knitting

Knitting is neither womanly nor manly. I don’t see anything wrong with more women being IT specialists (something women themselves started ) and engineers and more men being teachers and taking up knitting.

As far as I’m concerned, diversity offers a different perspective.


Just look at this picture of Russell Crowe and tell me you don’t find him  hot.


Which brings me to my next point.


  1. It’s sexy


After being married for 5 years, I can say that school girls can have all the bad boys they want. To me, confidence and gentleness is the sexiest traits in any man. And the fact that my husband took on knitting for me only proves his confidence in himself.


  1. It’s money-saving


Knitting is one of the most cost-effective hobbies you can take up. Not only are the supplies affordable, but you actually produce something you can use yourself or sell it on eBay. And don’t forget that by knitting, your husband also says No to other time-consuming such as casino games (this link is an example).


Don’t ask your man to not do things like repairing cars, going out for beer or playing football on Sunday mornings. Knitting should not replace his ‘manly’ activities, but complement them in a way that he also spends time with you.


Is knitting trending again?

Is knitting trending again?

Knitting lovers rejoice – knitting is trending again!

Has knitting always been one of those things you saw your grandmother do? A thing that made you wish that you were able to do it, but somehow whenever you tried it, it has always been difficult? And last but not least, as much as you always liked it, you never managed to improve your knitting skills because all the people think that knitting is lame and boring? Well, it seems that this year is the year that knitting stops getting such a bad reputation and start being seen more as a cool thing that it always has been.

Knitting is the biggest stress-reliever out there

Knitting is difficult because it is an activity that requires skill and close attention. However, since it requires so much attention, it does not allow for your mind to dwell on anything else. There is no other activity out there that allows the mind to feel so free. If you are studying or cooking, you somehow always manage to think about that one sad thing that bothers you badly, but knitting is a way to escape and relax. With each row of knitting you get more far away from your troubles as you are creating something beautiful. So if you are a dweller in your own bad experiences, knitting can become a way to feel better.

Knitting is trending because it helps to save money

Buying some yarn is cheaper than having to spends thousands on gifts every single year. As much as everyone loves Christmas and Birthdays, it can become a bit difficult having to buy a new gift for the same person each year. Not only it is expensive, it can become impersonal and this is where knitting is going to save you. It is a beautiful hobby that allows you to create a hand-made gift for the person that you love. Hand-made gifts are always more beloved and special, because they take more effort and care, rather than something bought in a store. You can also mix and match your gifts- a scarf as a gift for Christmas and then a matching hat for a birthday!

Knitting is a hobby that is good for your health

There are many countless reasons why knitting is trending right now, but one important reason which might convince you to give this craft a chance is the fact that it is extremely good for your health! Apparently, the repetitive action of the needlework can induce an extremely relaxed state of mind in people. What is more, it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and even reduces the harmful blood levels of the cortisol. If that does not convince you then how about the fact that knitting is an effective way to help people stop smoking and drinking! Is there any other hobby out there that is so helpful? We do not think so.

Top Knitting Techniques Guide!

Top Knitting Techniques Guide!

Mixing a couple strands of completely different yarns results in fascinating outcomes. They are a lot more slippery and permit the yarn to move far easier along the needle. There are a number of yarns which do not fit in these categories. The very first issue to learn about double knitting is the fact that it’s far easier than you believe. Then, in addition to that, the lace isn’t all cast off at the same time.

Knitting is like anything else which you learn and that usually means that you have to begin at the start. As an example, in two-by-two ribbing, you knit 2 stitches, move the yarn between both needles to the front part of the work and purl 2 stitches. `The Double Knit Stitch’ describes the fundamental stitch unit you are going to need. It is a whole lot simpler once you’re proficient at the knit stitch. There’s nothing wrong with a twisted stitch, apart from it looks somewhat different. I promise you will be reading knitting patterns promptly. With these helpful details, it is easy to learn plenty of design pattern, knitting techniques and conventional fabric.

Knitting Techniques – Dead or Alive?

If you want to receive the advantages, you are able to immediately select the best fashion designing institution where you are able to successfully finish your fashion designing course. In addition to this, in addition, it brings you a wonderful opportunity to select your favourite fashion designing course depending on your personal requirement. Don’t be concerned if it appears loose. I think that could be unavoidable.

If it resembles a bump, purl it. It makes a hole and it’s a 1 stitch increase. In addition, this is helpful for flat pieces. Even when you don’t utilize them regularly, an excess set of double-pointed needles can be convenient for picking up or holding stitches. These are just some examples. If you prefer to learn more useful information concerning the fashion designing college in india, you are able to immediately seek the services of the official portal of ICF. There are 3 sections on this page.

Slipping a peg for a number of rows in the center of your work will make a gathered effect. It is necessary to grasp the importance of exposure, since it will helps you to play well within this creative stream. These are the substantial considerations that allow you to select the ideal educational institution in a less difficult manner. This is due to the fact that the procedure for casting off obscures the last row of the grid. There are many study programs available now, but the finest and topmost college enables you to reach a bright career.

After you pick the best college, you are going to be truly studying with aspirants from different parts of the country. If you prefer to know more about the one of a kind educational class, you can watch this guide properly. From my knitting experience, you are able to learn a great deal more about looming, too. For those who have creative abilities and you would like to increase your innovative expertise, you are able to choose the fashion designing course.

The Ultimate Knitting Trick

The Ultimate Knitting Trick

What Everybody Dislikes About Knitting and Why

If you’re the kind of knitter which wants to know precisely the way the yarn was made and from what materials. Beginning knitters will be thrilled by these enjoyable, free, easy knitting patterns. Everybody knows knitting. Loom knitting is a favorite and ancient art that’s been in existence for years now. Joining yarn is quite a straightforward knitting technique. Casting on” is the very first part of a knitting project and receives the yarn on the needle so that you can get to the work of knitting. There are a number of methods for holding the yarn as you knit, this is only one of the simplest approaches to begin.

The Hidden Treasure of Knitting

You may use it like a throw on the sofa or your bed, or you may raise the number of stitches for a larger blanket that offers you more coverage. Be certain you use super bulky yarns so the blanket actually fills out, particularly if you are interested in getting the blanket to really fulfill its objective. Baby blankets are ideal for that! With these fundamentals, you can earn a scarf, hat, pillow, bag or numerous projects. Whilst you’re knitting and purling the hat, make certain to turn at the conclusion of each row. Your hat is currently prepared to be worn. There isn’t only one approach to knit a beanie, there’s an alternate method too.

Knitting is so effortless, requires very little effort, and can be exceedingly relaxing. For many regular knitters, one particular beanie’s completion time is only a few hours, which makes it an easy and enjoyable activity. It is an ideal time to bring some cheer with spring colours. It’s may be wise to get familiar with a number of the knitting abbreviations and knitting terms. Additionally it is among the finest last-minute gift ideas. Our selection of new yarn, though, can help support tiny farms and green agriculture. It is a wonderful alternate to arm knitting and it still provides you with the exact same speedy satisfaction.

What is Really Happening with Knitting

1 stitch is currently bound off. It is founded on garter stitch. Garter and stockinette stitches are frequently used for the procedure, but you may use other stitches as soon as you become accustomed to the pattern. Have a peek at this page and you will have the ability to catch those twisted stitches until they happen. Whenever the previous stitch is worked, one particular row of knitting is completed. There are sure stitches you must understand how to do. With CL or LT, you are going to be crossing the next stitch facing the subsequent stitch.

In case the pattern uses recursive or otherwise cryptic instructions, now’s the opportunity to decipher them. Go through these sections so you know what things to anticipate from knitting patterns written in these several styles. There are a number of patterns to pick from. Naturally, you can make a lot more intricate patterns and designs. You should be acquainted with graphic patterns. Free clothing knitting patterns can be found the next page. When you’re searching for a simple lace pattern in a little project, have a look at my pattern for a dishcloth and towel named Garter Ripple Kitchen collection.

If you’re working a number of different cables, it’s necessary for you to look at your gauge over each one. Knitting is only pulling loops through loops. Make sure that you leave only one loop on every peg. Sometimes you are going to want to generate an additional loop on purpose. Should you not do this you’ll have an additional loop to contend with.

Now you get your cast-on row. When desired range of stitches are cast on, pass the most suitable needle during the first loop on left needle from left to correct, yarn under and over correct needle. The whole range of stitches ought to be divisible by the number of stitches in 1 pattern repeat, as well as the additional stitches (added only once). It should be divisible by the number of stitches in one pattern repeat. When you learn the code you’ll discover it very simple to knit from this kind of instruction.

Below you will discover a simple tutorial about how to begin with your loom knitting. It’s always good to begin with the fundamentals. With different projects, however, there are a number of definite finishing techniques you ought to apply for your pattern to appear professional.

Instructions (three unique kinds) are given at the base of this page. Finishing is a vital part of a knitting project, particularly for sweaters where there’s a lot of visible finishing, but patterns deliver minimal instruction. However, you decide to learn, there are tons of methods to come across knitting instructions to aid you. There are a number of methods to find knitting instructions once you first start out. There are a few instructions for you to read through in addition to a video tutorial to steer you by means of this funky new endeavor.

Where to learn knitting online?

Where to learn knitting online?

Why should anyone learn knitting ?

Knitting is an extremely valuable skill that will not only provide you with warm clothes for wintertime and act as a stress-reliever but also something that is slowly but surely coming back in fashion. More and more people are taking up knitting as a hobby and rightly so, because it can be fun, relaxing and cheaper for your wallet than other hobbies out there. Fun fact about knitting! No one truly knows how old this habit is. It is thought to be older than crochet but younger than weaving, which makes it very difficult for archaeologist to determine when it had first appeared, while we do know that the English word knitting did not appear till 14th century. Now all that might be fun and all, but what does one to do to learn knitting?

Step 1. What are the essential knitting tools for beginners?

Despite what you might believe, knitting is not an expensive hobby. Of course, when you go to a specialized shop you might want to buy all the yearn you see and all pretty accessories, but items like that are not necessary for knitting beginners. Chances are that you already might own a few items that will be useful during knitting, but there are a few supplies that you might have to purchase. The good part is that essential knitting items are not expensive at all and there are many shops that sell items like that. You can either visit a craft store in your town or get the items delivered to your home from an online shop. So, what knitting items do you truly need? Yarn, scissors, sewing needle, knitting needles and a crochet hook. Chance are that you already own at least two of the mentioned items.

Step 2. Where can you learn knitting online?

Learning how to knit has never been easier. Since more and more people are starting to pick up this hobby, your learning sources are endless. Of course, you could ask your grandma to teach you or simply buy a weekly knitting magazine. But an even faster way is to join a knitting community online! Everyday there are more pages appearing online that speak in details about knitting skills and how to start from the scratch. Not only it is a great way to learn because you can do so at your own pace, but you can also meet fellow knitting enthusiasts and improve your skills mutually. Of course, do not forget the good and trustworthy Youtube! It is filled with knitting tutorials that anyone can follow. The videos are presented in different languages, they have subtitles and whenever you do not understand something, you can simply pause the video or wind it back. Your opportunities are endless, so the only thing you need to do now is get some yarn and knitting needles!