3 Hobbies to Couple with Knitting

3 Hobbies to Couple with Knitting

hobbiesRemember when your mom taught you about ow too much of sweets is bad for you? Apparently, it’s not only the sweets. To be completely honest, what I tend to notice is that the older we are, the more we must focus on maintaining a balanced life.

Yes, even knitting.

When we knit, we tend to sit still for a long period of time. That’s bad for the spine, your back, your legs, your arteries, your heart.

So, to balance out this hobby, for two weeks I tried a variety of different activities. I will be talking about that in the future in more detail, but today I just wanted to give you a quick rundown.


It’s winter and I can’t even get myself to run in summer mornings. But, I remembered how I used to love visiting the pool as a kind. So, every couple of days I’ve been going to the pool.

Play short games

30 minutes of exercise Keep in mind, the damage of long sitting is not reversed by 30 minutes of exercise in the end of the day. You need regular breaks.

The problem is it is very hard to force yourself to get up from your comfortable chair. So, it must be something you like. If you smoke (not suggesting you should), you already do rather regular breaks.

I don’t, so I started playing live casino online for 5 minutes. To make sure I get up, I only play on my phone. I don’t rush to make every bet but simply walk around and see how other play with an occasional bet myself.

Make lunch complicated

Make lunch complicatedI loved bringing something for lunch that I could eat straight out of the box. But I noticed that this way I, almost all the time, end up in my chair in the next 3-4 minutes. If I know that I’ll be knitting or writing in the evening, I make sure I walk as much as I can for my lunch.

Like make everything from scratch if I’m at home, or at least walk for 20 minutes to get a bagel.

In any case, find what you like. It’s crucial if you want to keep knitting 5 or 10 years from now. Remember, prevention is easier than treatment.