Is knitting trending again?

Is knitting trending again?

Knitting lovers rejoice – knitting is trending again!

Has knitting always been one of those things you saw your grandmother do? A thing that made you wish that you were able to do it, but somehow whenever you tried it, it has always been difficult? And last but not least, as much as you always liked it, you never managed to improve your knitting skills because all the people think that knitting is lame and boring? Well, it seems that this year is the year that knitting stops getting such a bad reputation and start being seen more as a cool thing that it always has been.

Knitting is the biggest stress-reliever out there

Knitting is difficult because it is an activity that requires skill and close attention. However, since it requires so much attention, it does not allow for your mind to dwell on anything else. There is no other activity out there that allows the mind to feel so free. If you are studying or cooking, you somehow always manage to think about that one sad thing that bothers you badly, but knitting is a way to escape and relax. With each row of knitting you get more far away from your troubles as you are creating something beautiful. So if you are a dweller in your own bad experiences, knitting can become a way to feel better.

Knitting is trending because it helps to save money

Buying some yarn is cheaper than having to spends thousands on gifts every single year. As much as everyone loves Christmas and Birthdays, it can become a bit difficult having to buy a new gift for the same person each year. Not only it is expensive, it can become impersonal and this is where knitting is going to save you. It is a beautiful hobby that allows you to create a hand-made gift for the person that you love. Hand-made gifts are always more beloved and special, because they take more effort and care, rather than something bought in a store. You can also mix and match your gifts- a scarf as a gift for Christmas and then a matching hat for a birthday!

Knitting is a hobby that is good for your health

There are many countless reasons why knitting is trending right now, but one important reason which might convince you to give this craft a chance is the fact that it is extremely good for your health! Apparently, the repetitive action of the needlework can induce an extremely relaxed state of mind in people. What is more, it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and even reduces the harmful blood levels of the cortisol. If that does not convince you then how about the fact that knitting is an effective way to help people stop smoking and drinking! Is there any other hobby out there that is so helpful? We do not think so.