Where to learn knitting online?

Where to learn knitting online?

Why should anyone learn knitting ?

Knitting is an extremely valuable skill that will not only provide you with warm clothes for wintertime and act as a stress-reliever but also something that is slowly but surely coming back in fashion. More and more people are taking up knitting as a hobby and rightly so, because it can be fun, relaxing and cheaper for your wallet than other hobbies out there. Fun fact about knitting! No one truly knows how old this habit is. It is thought to be older than crochet but younger than weaving, which makes it very difficult for archaeologist to determine when it had first appeared, while we do know that the English word knitting did not appear till 14th century. Now all that might be fun and all, but what does one to do to learn knitting?

Step 1. What are the essential knitting tools for beginners?

Despite what you might believe, knitting is not an expensive hobby. Of course, when you go to a specialized shop you might want to buy all the yearn you see and all pretty accessories, but items like that are not necessary for knitting beginners. Chances are that you already might own a few items that will be useful during knitting, but there are a few supplies that you might have to purchase. The good part is that essential knitting items are not expensive at all and there are many shops that sell items like that. You can either visit a craft store in your town or get the items delivered to your home from an online shop. So, what knitting items do you truly need? Yarn, scissors, sewing needle, knitting needles and a crochet hook. Chance are that you already own at least two of the mentioned items.

Step 2. Where can you learn knitting online?

Learning how to knit has never been easier. Since more and more people are starting to pick up this hobby, your learning sources are endless. Of course, you could ask your grandma to teach you or simply buy a weekly knitting magazine. But an even faster way is to join a knitting community online! Everyday there are more pages appearing online that speak in details about knitting skills and how to start from the scratch. Not only it is a great way to learn because you can do so at your own pace, but you can also meet fellow knitting enthusiasts and improve your skills mutually. Of course, do not forget the good and trustworthy Youtube! It is filled with knitting tutorials that anyone can follow. The videos are presented in different languages, they have subtitles and whenever you do not understand something, you can simply pause the video or wind it back. Your opportunities are endless, so the only thing you need to do now is get some yarn and knitting needles!