Top 5 reasons to teach your boyfriend/husband to knit

Top 5 reasons to teach your boyfriend/husband to knit

I have been knitting for years. Personally, I find it a lot as a getaway from everyday problems of our busy, modern-day lives. Recently, I asked my husband to join me. You may be laughing, as my husband did, but I managed to convince him to give it a try.


Here’s my top reasons:


  1. Stress relief

Stress is gender-neutral. Men have an innate instinct to always calculate how can they make sure the safety of their families. Look, they not be protecting families from tigers (in most places) but the job is stressful. I find knitting as good for stress relief  as meditation or fidget spinners.

  1. More quality time together

Don’t we all complain we don’t get enough time with our loved ones? Knitting is a great hobby to fix that. As you probably known already, when you get used to it, the process becomes automatic while you can chat away as much as you desire.

  1. Break stereotypes

    Russell Crowe knitting

Knitting is neither womanly nor manly. I don’t see anything wrong with more women being IT specialists (something women themselves started ) and engineers and more men being teachers and taking up knitting.

As far as I’m concerned, diversity offers a different perspective.


Just look at this picture of Russell Crowe and tell me you don’t find him  hot.


Which brings me to my next point.


  1. It’s sexy


After being married for 5 years, I can say that school girls can have all the bad boys they want. To me, confidence and gentleness is the sexiest traits in any man. And the fact that my husband took on knitting for me only proves his confidence in himself.


  1. It’s money-saving


Knitting is one of the most cost-effective hobbies you can take up. Not only are the supplies affordable, but you actually produce something you can use yourself or sell it on eBay. And don’t forget that by knitting, your husband also says No to other time-consuming such as casino games (this link is an example).


Don’t ask your man to not do things like repairing cars, going out for beer or playing football on Sunday mornings. Knitting should not replace his ‘manly’ activities, but complement them in a way that he also spends time with you.


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